It’s been said that homemade chicken noodle soup warms our heart and soul; imparts the comfort of home and makes us feel infinitely better when we aren’t feeling our best. While I believe all of this may be true, I know that when I’m not feeling my best the last thing I want to do is put my apron on and make some soup.

Naturally, a canned version that takes minutes to heat, sounds very promising but the flavor can often be lacking. I’ve never been a fan of  the “chicken” in canned soup either but when I was feeling under-the-weather this week and in the mood for some chicken noodle soup, I decided to try out the Amy’s vegan version.

Fan of:

  • good chicken soup flavor, without the chicken
  • non-mushy noodles
  • low in calorie
  • requires nothing more than a few minutes in the microwave
  • the tofu “chicken” – I wasn’t expecting to like these but they turned out to be a nice addition and of course add to the protein content
  • it’s vegan!

Wished there:

  • wasn’t so much sodium (but alas it is a canned food)
  • was some saltine crackers that came along with it, I was majorly pining for some ;)

By the way, holding a ridiculous amount of ridiculously cute (but sick) babies and kids, was SO worth getting sick for. But next time I hope to get the soup just because its cold outside – or because I’ve gone back to Haiti and babies are involved :)


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