1. eating korean bbq. We went out for my birthday to Ham Ji Park in Koreatown and ate pork ribs and pork neck & potato stew. Oh and because we were deficient on pork, we also had pork belly. Did I tell you I’m now obsessed?!

2. yoga-ing and spin-ing a lot! It feels great.

3. reading Tasty Food Photography, written by my blog friend Lindsay. It is wonderful and I recommend it!

4. not been watching The Hunger Games – I think I’m the only one?

5. eating dessert. A funfetti cupcake from Crumbs (along with 4 other mini cupcakes) to celebrate 29 – funfetti was amazing. Want more sugarrrrrr.

6. oogling this recipe for champagne + lemon sorbet + mint cocktail I found on pinterest.

7. been loving the life advice from you all.

What have you been doing lately??