Move over Greece, you have a new contender in the yogurt department. Siggi’s is an Icelandic style skyr (strained fat free yogurt) that has the protein (16 g) and thickness of Greek yogurt that I love. While this isn’t Organic -and I prefer my dairy Organic, unless it is in the form of aged gouda in which case, I really don’t care as long as I have it ;) - the milk comes from cows that are grass-fed on family farms in New York and given no horomones.

I tried the Pomegranate & Passion Fruit which is sweetened with agave instead of sugar. I never get flavored yogurts because the amount of sugar usually drives me a little crazy. (I like to eat my sugar in this form) It was perfectly tart and had a hint of sweetness without being over the top. I will definitley be trying the other varieties. Naturally topped with Dylan’s Chia and more chia.



in my cupboard: bissinger’s naturals – gummy pandas

The gourmet gummy bear. Sometimes I find myself craving something sweet. and chewy. and specifically candy. Now of course I don’t indulge (or have) this craving on a daily basis but when it strikes again I sure know what I’m having. This is a candy I can feel ok about eating and while it would

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in my cupboard: dylan’s chia granola

Sweet with honey and crunchy with chia. I love that this granola is sweetened only with honey and includes a superfood like chia.  What is so great about this little seed? It is definitely a super-food in my opinion – it is full of antioxidants, omega-3′s, fiber, protein, iron, etc. It is as versitle as

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in my cupboard: mustard girl mustard

I cannot say enough about this Mustard – for those of you who live somewhere near Wisconsin, look for this mustard and buy it asap! (I have now seen it at Whole Foods and Rainbow’s/Pick’ N’ Saves) I first heard about this brand at a food show, where I sampled (and LOVED) the horseradish mustard

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in my cupboard: helen’s kitchen bbq tofu steaks

I really love good tofu. Some may gawk at that but it really is true. I don’t eat much soy, but my favorite way comes in the form of edamame (preferably alongside some fabulous sushi) and tofu. Unfortunately I have not yet mastered the tofu. For some reason it is never crispy enough, chewy enough

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in my cupboard: flackers

I found these crackers at the Whole Foods in Minneapolis and from their website it looks like as of now they are only available in Minnesota, but I have a feeling they will be showing up around the country soon enough. You can also order them online. The doctor behind these crackers? Alison Levitt M.D.,

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in my cupboard: agua de coco

Nature’s wonder drink! I was not always a fan of the coconut water, but like all things in life I’ll keep trying them if I think I should or it would be beneficial (it took me about 23 years to finally find my appreciation for olives and now I loooove them!) Now why is Coconut

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