Sometimes the only dressing that will work  (for things like salads, veggies, fries, pizza, etc.) is the dreaded ranch. We all know that ranch is typically not very good for us and should be saved for special occasions. (like chicken wings!) But the light ranches just will not work in my opinion. I always find myself wanting that “restaurant ranch,” and even the full-fat versions from the grocery store are disappointing.

Lucky for us it doesn’t have to be dreaded anymore. Bolthouse Farms has come out with a Yogurt Dressing that naturally decreases all of that fat and calories that usually come along with ranch dressing. What is even more amazing than the nutrition stats? The flavor! It is reminiscent of the “restaurant ranch” that I love. You know, for those chicken wings. ;)


2 Tbsp – 1 serving

70 calories

6 g fat

2 g sugar

Other varieties include: Chunky Blue cheese, Caesar Parmigiano, Thousand Island, Honey Mustard, Original Coleslaw and Creamy Italian.

Have you tried these dressings? Thoughts?


in my cupboard: trader joe’s punjab eggplant

As much as I adore cooking, sometimes I just can’t take the time to prepare an entire meal. Since cooking is such a stress reliever for me, I never want it to actually cause stress.  Enter in these pouches of Indian food.  A little odd, yes, to make dinner out of a pouch, but this

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in my cupboard: jalfreezi sauce

As much as I love spending time in the kitchen, sometimes it just isn’t feasible. We all have the nights when spending an hour to make dinner is just not an option. One of my favorite “after soccer, before next activity meals”  growing up was tortellini with pesto. My Mom always makes batches of pesto

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in my cupboard: tj’s nuts about chocolate & raspberries mix

When I think about family hikes as a child, one thing comes to mind: Picture us, much like the Von Trapp family happily singing through the mountains of Austria. Except that it was probably just my mother and I singing “The Hills are Alive” and we were hiking in The Smoky Mountains… We had gorp

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in my cupboard: holiday tea

The Holiday decorations are up and I’m ready to celebrate! (My decorations are pretty sad – no tree, nothing over-the-top but enough to get me in the spirit!) Celestial Seasonings Holiday Teas are the perfect way to celebrate the season without endless candy, cookies and treats! I love Candy Cane Lane – I bought so

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in my cupboard: ines rosales tortas

These Rosemary & Thyme Savory Olive Oil Tortas are  like a cross between foccacia and a cracker and may just be the best cracker-concoction I have ever had. Really. And after my two fails at making my own foccacia…I’m happy to buy these instead. They are imported from Seville, Spain and if this is any

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fleur de sal

in my cupboard: lindt fleur de sel

Apparently I prefer my chocolate with some salt. After searching every store possible, I finally found this chocolate with a touch of salt at Walgreens. Of all places! I love good quality chocolate because you can eat a small portion and be totally satisfied. That is certainly the case with this – one square is

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