Spring seems to be a popular time for brunch.

Mother’s Day is a big day for brunches – coming up this weekend!  Wedding and baby season has most definitely begun, meaning lots of brunches for showers and celebrations. And then there are the brunches for no specific reason other than to get together with family and friends.

Here are some of my favorite brunch components – along with a few recipes I’m dying to try!


Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Pots of Tea

Blood Orange Mimosas

Bloody Marys

Lemon Rosé Bellini via Epicurious

(image via Martha Stewart)


Bacon, Egg and Toast Cups via Martha Stewart

Homemade Granola Parfaits with Yogurt and Fresh Fruit

Fresh Bagels with Lox, Cream Cheese, Capers, Red Onion and Tomato Slices

Homemade Scones, Cinnamon Rolls or Donuts

Sesame-Crusted Crab and Mango Tea Sandwiches via Bon Appetit

Grapefruit Brûlée via Epicurious

(image via Epicurious)


Fresh Flowers – lots of them!

Centerpieces made with Citrus


(image via Modern Day Floral Blog)

Herb Gardens

What are you doing for Mom this year? 


build it better: eggs

I know a lot of people prefer sweet things for breakfast, but in my opinion, there is nothing better than eggs for breakfast. They are healthy. Pretty cheap. (My husband wishes I would buy the really cheap ones, but I refuse). So very versatile. And they definitely don’t need to be limited to breakfast. (I will

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avocado recipes, recipes with avocados

basil & feta avocado spread

I can’t give up avocados. Not just yet. Last week my life changed with a simple little sandwich of whole grain bread + avocado + parmesan – broiled and topped with a fried egg. Thanks to reader Kelli for the suggestion – it is a combination worth trying! But as much as I loved that sandwich,

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anthony bourdain scramble eggs

anthony bourdain’s scrambled egg recipe

When it comes to Anthony Bourdain, most people fall under the love or the hate categories. (source) I am one of the people who love him. Yes, he can be a little rude, a little crass and sometimes a total ass, but I find him to be completely real, very unapologetic and totally hilarious. In

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farro salad, artichoke farro salad, farro artichoke salad

warm farro & artichoke salad

I was visiting some friends at Intelligentsia (super cool coffee shop) a few weeks ago and I decided to stay and work through lunch after they left. There was a farro salad on the menu which sounded amazing. I normally don’t order grain salads when I’m out, but the Warm Farro & Artichoke Salad on their menu

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spring chicken salad, chicken salad, spring recipe

spring chicken salad

Southern California is known for its lack of real seasons, and I hear time and time again, “I just could never live without the change of seasons.” To which I reply with, “Yes, I know. Seventy-five and sunny most of the year is awful.” I might miss the seasons (fall and spring only) at some

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spaghetti cakes, pasta cakes

spaghetti cakes

Food was the main priority at our wedding. Well, I guess you could say our priority was that our guests have a great time, and to me, that means eating and drinking well. We didn’t have a sit-down meal, but instead had stations – each station had a few different items (salad, entree, sides) with

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