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…I was just wondering if you have any thoughts/advice on how diet effects skin? I have real problems with my skin, and I often experience dryness in some places on my face at the same time as oiliness and acne breakouts along my T-zone. (I’m 24, so I feel like I should have grown out of this by now!)…

There are many things that go into clear skin: rest, cleanliness and a varied and balanced diet. Then there are the things you can’t control like heredity, your body, etc. In terms of what goes into your body, there are a few things you can do to promote clear skin.

  • Whole Grains – full of fiber, zinc and Vitamin B6
  • Fruits & Veggies – full of antioxidants *focus on green, purple and deep red
  • Fish – specifically for omega 3′s
  • Green Tea
  • Probiotics – all about balancing good bacteria
  • Low Glycemic eating is thought to help – high glycemic foods increase insulin secretion which increases sebum production, which can then block pores
  • Lay off the milk – many think that because milk is so full of hormones (even organic) that it is best to avoid

I never had much acne as child (I’m very grateful for that) but I’ve also gone through bouts of breakouts as an adult. I know that I’m more likely to breakout during particular times of the month (if you know what I mean) and I take a number of preventative measures, instead of waiting until I actually breakout. (Then if I do breakout, I panic, stress and apply a ridiculous amount of pimple creams.) It happens. There are a few products that I have found work pretty well for me. Of course, everyone is different, so that is something to keep in mind. These products are also ones that are found in Target, Walgreens, etc. so are not super pricey. I’ve probably tried just about everything and these are some of my favorites and what I currently use:

Hope this can help someone out there!

Please feel free to email me (emily@anutritionisteats.com) with your “ask the nutritionist” questions!


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