Wow, I can’t believe it is already November!

I surprisingly didn’t eat too much candy on Halloween, but did drink my share of wine and eat pizza, so I was a little slow-moving this morning. Nothing a little coffee, water and work can’t fix. Sometimes its best to just throw yourself into it!

Peet’s Coffee was completely decked out for the holidays – an overnight transformation complete with red & green sprinkled almond bark, holiday blend beans and holiday music. I’m ready for the holidays, but that seemed like a bit much!


I returned home (cousins home, we move into our place Thursday!!) and promptly made some breakfast. I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine once we get settled. My type-a personality is freaking out!

Breakfast: French Meadow Sprouted Cinnamon Bagel + pat of butter + hard boiled egg + strawberries.

Both strength and cardio were on my list today so I did a quick weight routine before we headed out to run a few errands in our new neighborhood!

Lunch: Being that it was World Vegan Day (pointed out to me by Pepperoni is not a Veg – thank you!) I really wanted to eat vegan all day, but because I don’t have my own fridge, usual food options, etc. I wasn’t able to make it the whole day. (Soon I’ll do a Vegan Day!) But, we did have an excellent vegan lunch at Veggie Grill. I’d been wanting to try Veggie Grill since I saw one of them and figured today was a perfect reason to try it out. I was starving and needed more than a salad so I tried the VG Cheeseburger, which the guy in line behind us said was amazing. I ordered it with the red cabbage slaw side and I gobbled it up in no time at all. 

Then it was time for some more work. I loooove being able to work outside. In November.

A 50 minute walk with Ruby (the dog) was “cardio” for the day. Not necessarily a great workout, but because I had a dog with me I wasn’t worried about a certain length of time or getting in so many miles, I just enjoyed the walk and the afternoon. It was really, really nice.

We made dinner tonight for my cousins and the Taster decided to make a Minnesota speciality, the Blucy. (Blue cheese stuffed hamburger) No shortage of burgers (both real and not) for me today!

Dinner: An amazingly delicious blucy sans bun + salad + sweet potato fries + sriracha mayo for dipping.

Dessert: I was gifted some unwanted halloween candy. :)

Now I’m sipping tea and getting ready for bed, lots to do today!

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restaurant: m cafe

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five servings a day

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daily eats: 6.8.11

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