Hi Guys,

Thanks for the wise words on my “lack of posting” post. I just wanted to let you know what was going on with me these days.

I’m thinking that my next daily eats post should be another themed “diet or meal plan” post like I have done previously! They are so fun for me to do – hopefully for you as well.


Beverages: coffee + 1/2 & 1/2, water, green tea. The standards.

Breakfast: It had been a few days since I had eaten eggs so I was majorly craving them. 2 eggs + 1/2 hemp bagel topped with coconut oil. Possibly one of the best breakfasts ever…

Workout: 45 spin class with my favorite teacher. It was hard, sweaty and wonderful – all at the same time.

Lunch: Was eaten in two parts – I had some things that absolutely needed to be shipped out for work today, so I had to get them ready and drop them off before I could take the time to eat a real meal.

part I: kale & spinach dip (trader joe’s) + crunchmaster ancient grain crackers (that I brought home from the Celiac Disease Foundation Conference last weekend).

part II: lemon chicken & arugula salad (trader joe’s) on a bed of spinach. The salad is delicious and has a couscous and quinoa mix with arugula and chicken, but pretty small (about 300 calories) and definitely lacking in the veggies.

Snack: bowl of strawberries + kashi cereal (honey sunshine) + coconut milk.

Wine: :)

Dinner: I am working on a quinoa salad recipe, so this was the test run. It contained quinoa with a dressing, asparagus, leeks and shrimp. It was delicious and I’ll get the recipe for you soon! I served it on about 2 cups of spinach, wilted to bulk it up a bit.

I’m nibbling on some jelly beans that we’ve had for months now and headed to bed!

Have a wonderful weekend! Any fun plans?

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