I love curry. I love Thai curry, Indian curry and everything in between. Whenever we get Thai food (usually take-out from a few blocks away) I always get red curry vegetables and “add extra broccoli and cauliflower please!” Sometimes they listen to my request and sometimes….well, not so much :)

Curry has been an easy weeknight  stand-by dinner that doesn’t require any fresh ingredients and is a flash to put together. I have to be honest though, it doesn’t taste as good as the take-out…anyone have any ideas for me?


Whisk together 1 can coconut milk (I use Lite) and 2 Tbsp red curry paste in a large pan. Add a splash of fish sauce and salt & pepper.

Throw in frozen veggies and shrimp if desired, I usually use a bag of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots and then another 1/2 bag of broccoli. This last time I used raw, peeled shrimp which I actually liked because I think that cooking it in the liquid added some flavor to the shrimp instead of just adding cooked shrimp at the last minute. Simmer until shrimp are thoroughly cooked and serve over brown rice.

And because that wasn’t enough curry the taster found some curried sweet potatoes at Whole Foods so we baked those and had them on the side. They were ok, but nothing too special.

Do you have a weeknight stand-by dinner?



I have been dying to make mussels for months now so I finally just got some! I have a recipe for Coconut Curry Mussels but I also wanted to try a wine-based broth. I sauteed leeks in some olive oil with salt and pepper. Add in the mussels, wine, garlic, lemon juice and parsley.  Cover

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in my cupboard: agua de coco

Nature’s wonder drink! I was not always a fan of the coconut water, but like all things in life I’ll keep trying them if I think I should or it would be beneficial (it took me about 23 years to finally find my appreciation for olives and now I loooove them!) Now why is Coconut

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in my cupboard: coconut milk ice cream

I actually got to know the freezer-guy at my co-op over this ice cream.  That’s how much I requested it, asked if it was there yet and I’m sure generally just drove him crazy. But let me tell you, it was worth it.  It’s now at a lot of Whole Foods, co-ops and even the

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