Hey Friends! I’m here with another post of daily eats! I mentioned that I’ve been getting more into raw foods again (happens every spring/summer) which is why you’ll see some more raw foods than normal added into the day.


Morning: For some reason this morning I didn’t feel like coffee so I had some green tea.

Breakfast 1: I got out the juicer (hadn’t used it since we moved to California) and made a lovely green juice. This one contained: cucumber, celery, pear, lemon and spinach. Juicing pros: what leafy greens produce the most juice? I didn’t seem to get much from the spinach…

Breakfast 2: 1/2 pear leftover from juice + almond butter

Workout: I took a 75 minute yoga class and it was perfect – really tough, but in a good way. Some of the people in my yoga classes are amazing and I kind of stare with my mouth open at the ways they can move their body. Someday?

Lunch: Was supposed to be an amazing salad, but my avocado decided it wasn’t quite ripe yet, so I was only able to use a small piece of it. This salad, though not perfect, was still delicious. A bed of herb green mix was topped with tomatoes, goat cheese and seasoned with balsamic + olive oil + salt & pepper.

On the side I had some carrots and celery + hummus and olive tapenade.

Snack 1: bowl of hail merry grawnola + coconut milk

Snack 2: scoop of impromptu ice cream while we were at the bike shop.

Dinner: teriyaki quinoa from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan + shrimp + bok choy. I’m clearly still on a quinoa kick, and this was a fun and flavorful way to have it for dinner.

 With a few bites of cookie and some good old crime drama on TV, I called it a day. My Mom is arriving today and I couldn’t be more excited to see her!


entertaining: springtime brunch

Spring seems to be a popular time for brunch. Mother’s Day is a big day for brunches – coming up this weekend!  Wedding and baby season has most definitely begun, meaning lots of brunches for showers and celebrations. And then there are the brunches for no specific reason other than to get together with family

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build it better: eggs

I know a lot of people prefer sweet things for breakfast, but in my opinion, there is nothing better than eggs for breakfast. They are healthy. Pretty cheap. (My husband wishes I would buy the really cheap ones, but I refuse). So very versatile. And they definitely don’t need to be limited to breakfast. (I will

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daily eats 5.2.12

Hi Guys, Thanks for the wise words on my “lack of posting” post. I just wanted to let you know what was going on with me these days. I’m thinking that my next daily eats post should be another themed “diet or meal plan” post like I have done previously! They are so fun for

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daily eats: 4.18.12

Last weekend we had good friends in town and we had a BLAST! We ate great food (Umami, Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR and our neighborhood favorite Basix Cafe), went out on the Sunset Strip (Chateau Marmont, The Standard, The Hollywood Den) and then I needed to detox. I throw around the word “detox” a lot, but

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anthony bourdain scramble eggs

anthony bourdain’s scrambled egg recipe

When it comes to Anthony Bourdain, most people fall under the love or the hate categories. (source) I am one of the people who love him. Yes, he can be a little rude, a little crass and sometimes a total ass, but I find him to be completely real, very unapologetic and totally hilarious. In

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daily eats: 4.2.12

Is it really April? I’m still not convinced. Coffee: I started with some coffee + 1/2 & 1/2 but just wasn’t feeling the coffee so switched to some green tea. Some days that happens – I have no idea why. Breakfast: I hadn’t had eggs in a few days so I was craving them. Eggs

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