I’m always looking for ways to make a recipe healthier.

Well, I take that back – there are times to make a recipe healthier and there are times when you should leave it be. Some recipes aren’t meant to be healthy.

But when the time is right to make a recipe a bit healthier – here are my favorite tips:

How to Make any Recipe Healthier: 

  • reduce an ingredient! This can work with cheese or dairy products, mayonnaise, oil, sugar, etc. Play around with the amount to find the best result.
  • swaps grains: Using whole grains (bread, pasta, tortillas) in place of white flour versions can help increase fiber and protein and can sometimes even decrease calories.
  • reduced-fat products: In my opinion there isn’t much of a flavor difference between the full and reduced-fat versions of cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise. (Reduced-fat cheese is NOT ok with me!) :)
  • add veggies! This is a favorite of mine – if a recipe calls for 1/2 an onion or bell pepper, use the whole thing! Veggies add bulk to your meal for very few calories. Serve entrees over lightly steamed spinach instead of pasta, and always add more greens and lettuce to salads.

How do you alter recipes to make them a little healthier? 


daily eats: 5.14.12

Hey Friends! I’m here with another post of daily eats! I mentioned that I’ve been getting more into raw foods again (happens every spring/summer) which is why you’ll see some more raw foods than normal added into the day. 5.14.12  Morning: For some reason this morning I didn’t feel like coffee so I had some

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quinoa spring salad

I go through a love-hate relationship with quinoa. I’ll go through phases where I make a batch every week and eat it up for quick lunches or dinners but then I’ll go months without making it. After a pretty long quinoa dry spell, I needed something enticing to bring it back into my life. And

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lately i’ve been…(iv)

in a major cooking slump. Seriously. Please send help! hanging out with these two. eating delicious seafood from Santa Monica Seafood. making a ridiculous purchase (Star Homes Map). It had to be done, but is SO not worth the money. drooling over this recipe for french onion soup tartines from vegetarian times. Need to make

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entertaining: springtime brunch

Spring seems to be a popular time for brunch. Mother’s Day is a big day for brunches – coming up this weekend!  Wedding and baby season has most definitely begun, meaning lots of brunches for showers and celebrations. And then there are the brunches for no specific reason other than to get together with family

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build it better: eggs

I know a lot of people prefer sweet things for breakfast, but in my opinion, there is nothing better than eggs for breakfast. They are healthy. Pretty cheap. (My husband wishes I would buy the really cheap ones, but I refuse). So very versatile. And they definitely don’t need to be limited to breakfast. (I will

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chopped salad recipe, chicken chopped salad recipe, chicken chop salad

chicken chopped salad

Kitchen24 is quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants in West Hollywood. It has a lot going for it – it is within walking distance, has a great outdoor patio and a whole list of fun, creative drinks. Oh, and the food is delicious. (Although, I just discovered this past weekend that they have very

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