Warning: None of the food in this post can be claimed as healthy. But when in New Orleans I threw caution to the wind and went for the full experience! (Complete with a visit to Cindy the alligator) I really enjoyed my time in New Orleans, aka the food and the music….and of course spending time with my family! :)
Here are a few food staples in New Orleans:
Cafe au Lait & Beignets at Cafe du Monde

Mother’s Restaurant

The Classic Fredi: roast beef and ham, dressed (cabbage, mayo & creole mustard)

Fried Shrimp Po Boy (yes fried shrimp on white bread) and it was lovely :)

roasted garlic crostini

This appetizer came from my Operation Clean-Out but I thought that it was so good that it deserved its own post! I had one clove of garlic left, some light cream cheese, bread and a red pepper so I decided to make a crostini of sorts. That was a great part about cleaning out my

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restaurant: the tin fish

Here is my Saturday restaurant post from Minneapolis while I’m in New Orleans! This is a restaurant that on every walk/run around Lake Calhoun I remember that I want to eat here. Usually I’m not at the lake to eat though and only have my ipod so it had never happened! So our last time

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the big easy

Hey blog friends!I’m here in New Orleans having a great time so far! I can’t wait to share my eats with you all, everything has been delicious!We are headed to Cafe du Monde for some Nola coffee and beignets this morning, Hope you are all having a great week! Happy Birthday Mom! xoxo – Post

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guest post: the taster

Hello Everyone! ‘The Taster’ here for a guest post… I’ve always been a (somewhat) healthy eater and I’ve always liked to cook good food, but Emily tends to reign in the kitchen these days (with the general exception of grilling) – especially since she started this blog. Though Emily and I don’t agree on everything

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restaurant: spill the wine

How can you go wrong with Spill the Wine, right? Unfortunately I have been known to spill some wine now and then (sorry Michael and your custom Calvin Klein shirt) but apparently here it is welcomed! My kind of place!!! It has an extensive wine list and a pretty decent food menu and once again

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update: operation clean-out

Hey Guys! How did I do on my eating challenge? Well….. I did PRETTY well I think! I do have a few confessions that I will start with, but I also realized that this challenge forced me to get creative in the kitchen towards the end as well as realize the over-abundance of food that

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